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We can help!

Our dedicated team of case managers are able to help you with the process of recovery from Hurricane Ian damages to your home. Contact us using the form below start the process!

Suburban Homes


As of 4/23/2024 all new residents seeking assistance will be placed on a waitlist to give Disaster Case Managers time to close out some of the current case load.  New clients can still be added, but please understand case acceptance times may be longer than expected. To start an assessment or survey of your needs, give us a call.

While you wait

Are you waiting for a Case Manager to be assigned?

You can work on gathering the verification documents your case manager will need before they can assist you.

Here’s what you can do:

• Choose the list for either Homeowners or for Renters below.

• Determine which of the items on the list apply to your recovery.

For Example: if you did not have auto insurance, you will not have to supply any paperwork regarding auto insurance

• Begin gathering the documents and converting them to a digital copy. If you do not have access to a scanner, click here for a quick tutorial for scanning on your smartphone:

•Be careful to label each document with your name and what kind of document it is. For example: Smith Insurance statement Dec 2021

• E-mail the scanned documents to yourself and save until requested by your case manager

If you cannot scan your documents, please gather paper copies and hold them for your case manager. Having all your documents organized will be a big help for your case manger in assisting you quickly!

We know waiting can be hard. Please know we are helping survivors as quickly as possible. Gathering these documents will be a great way to make use of your waiting time and help you recover faster.

You can find the list of potential documents you will be asked for here:

215 W. Orange Street

Wauchula, FL 33873



Thanks for submitting! You will be hearing from us soon!



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